51h3Lf+caiL During most people’s school years, they will experience rumours. One person says something and before you know it, it’s one giant game of ‘Chinese whispers”. it goes around a wide majority of people and places. Sometimes it’s stupid little things that people can ignore but other times it’s something it is the complete opposite. This can have a massive impact on people’s everyday lives. But do we actually know what rumours are?

The Oxford Dictionary definition of a rumour is: “a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth”. Uncertain or doubtful. That is the important part. If you don’t know if something that you have been told is actually right, then why pass it on.

Some people class starting a rumour as a form of bullying. This is because some rumours are created and manipulated with the intention to harm. People manipulate stories or create stories to get what they want out of someone.

However, rumours can also b a good thing. This can be shown through one particular band from the 1970s. Fleetwood Mac released an album in early 1977 entitled “Rumours”. This album was written and recorded whilst the band were struggling with relationship breakups and other interpersonal strife between band members. This caused a lot of unrestrained behaviour between the members. It also helped them though to create songs that were written from the heart. All of this went on to create an album that would later win: the Grammy award for Album of the Year in 1978, Diamond certificates in several countries including the USA, Canada and Australia, as well as Platinum and Gold certifications. It also sold over 40 million copies worldwide. Fleetwood Mac made the best out of a bad situation and it granted them an opportunity that nothing else could buy.

So next time there is a rumour going round about you or someone you know, do the right thing and use it to your advantage.

Lots of love,

MrsSugg xxx


The lows in life Hey guys, So today is a bit of a random post. I’ve just been going through some stuff that I thought you guys might find quite relatable.

I’ve had a bit of a rough time of it lately. I’ve lost many friends whilst also finding friends that I didn’t know were there or just didn’t realise I had. I’ve been struggling to keep up to date with all of my final GCSE exams and do all my work at home too. Overall, I’ve had a pretty stressful time.

I haven’t been dealing with this well at all and I have been the lowest mentally that I have ever been. I have been upset most days and even the smallest things will upset me. I’ve also been having a lot more panic attacks recently. This has caused me to be a lot more stressed out and generally unhappy.

I realise now that I have taken a lot of my frustration out on the people trying to help me. Truth is, I’m scared of hurting other people because of my problems but I’m also scared of being alone. I’m scared of what the next thing to go wrong in my life is going to be and I’m scared of when it will happen.

Truth is, I shouldn’t be scared. If my friends truly care about me then they will be there for me no matter what but if they don’t then, well, I’ve realised what I need to change in my life. I need to start trying to find the ups in my life.

I’m a bit of a “wallower” when it comes to problems. I tend to hold onto what has upset me for ages and ages. I find it hard to forget things that have hurt me. I wallow in my problems and that’s what tends to keep me down.

So my challenge to myself (and to you if this applies to you) is to find those “ups” in life. Find what it is that makes you happy and follow that. Never ever let yourself get don because of someone else because, trust me, that is one of the hardest things to get back out of. BE yourself and do whatever makes you happy no matter what anyone else thinks.

Lots of love and helpful hugs,

MrsSugg xxx



In life, people change, things change and we in ourselves change. We can’t control what happens in our lives, its not up to us. But what is up to us is whether we accept that changes are happening or we deny it. I have a lot going on in my life all the time and I find it very hard to accept. I feel disconnected from my family. I feel left out from my friends. I feel just incredibly alone as a whole. And I have found this very hard to deal with.

At the start of the new year, I decided that I was going to be more healthy and do more exercise. But as the year has gone on, I just haven’t had the time to do it. And this is something I am really regretting. I want to be able to do more exercise and just be more healthy. I just don’t have the time.

I was sitting reading “Love Tanya” by Tanya Burr when I could see what a great life she led. What a great life she aimed for. And I realised that’s what I want. So my challenge to myself now is to do all I can to live my life the way that I want. Not the way anyone else wants me to live it.

Being a Christian, I have daily Bible readings with a book that tells me how I can apply this to everyday modern day life. It said something that I just haven’t been able to get out of my head. It said ‘Don’t try to finish the picture when God has only drawn your outline’. I believe strongly that each and every one of us has a plan in life and God is the only person that knows it for He planned it for us. We can’t see whats going to happen until it does.

So, start living your life your way. Because its our life, not anyone else’s.

MrsSugg xxx

Johnny Depp vs Orlando Bloom


Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are both great actors, but who is better?

Johnny Depp

  • born 9th June 1963
  • born in Kentucky, USA
  • nominated for 3 Oscars
  • nominated for 83 other awards
  • won 59 awards
  • won 69% of all nominations
  • 74 acting credits
  • 6 producing credits
  • 8 soundtrack credits
  • 3 directing credits
  • 1 writing credit
  • 13 thanks credits
  • 210 self credits
  • 5′ 10″ tall
  • married

Orlando Bloom

  • born 13th January 1977
  • born in Canterbury, England
  • no Oscar nominations
  • nominated for 21 other awards
  • won 20 awards
  • won 95% of all nominations
  • 38 acting credits
  • 6 producing credits
  • 1 soundtrack credit
  • 0 directing credits
  • 0 writing credits
  • 2 thanks credits
  • 101 self credits
  • 5′ 11″ tall
  • single



Self-concept, is something that not many of us probably think a lot about. Self-concept is the opinions and ideas we make on ourselves from the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the responses of others. We all just know when we feel good about ourselves and, coincidentally, when we feel bad. But when does self-concept start?

Many Psychologists over time have tried to solve this simple question with a simple test. The mirror test. Infants raging between 6 and 24 months are replaced in front of a mirror and the reactions are recorded. The amount of times that this experiment has been conducted, we do not know but judging by the fact that this is one experiment that has concrete answers (or so they think), I would say a good few times!

According to this test, between the ages of 6 to 12 months, the infant will see the reflection of themselves as another baby and will want to be friendly them. Sometimes, between 13 and 24 months, the infant will become withdrawn from the reflection and will not like seeing the reflection. this could either be the first signs of self concept emerging or this could be a bad reaction to seeing another child. However, psychologists are sure of is that the child does not fully recognise that it is themselves until the ages of between 20 to 24 months.

But is this really when self-concept begins? Is this really when we recognise ourselves? Or does it change between each individual? These are questions that a lot of people have asked in the past and these questions will probably be asked far into the future for, at the end of the day, infants can’t talk so can’t say when they recognise themselves.

Just always remember, make your self-concept positive.

MrsSugg xxx

The Stages of Memory


Memory is the capacity by which the mind stores and remembers information. Memory is an important aspect of every day lives because without the recollection of the past, we can neither operate in the present nor think about the future. Things we remember from the past affect what we learn so therefore, without memory, we could not learn.

So how does memory work? There are three stages to the memory: encoding, storage and retrieval.

Encoding is when the information comes into our memory system from the sensory output. The brain will change this information into information that the system can store. It will be changed into either visual (a picture), acoustic (sound) or semantic (a meaning) information.

The brain will then decide where the information is stored, the duration which it is stored for, the capacity of information that can be stored and what type of information is held. The way we store information will later affect the way in which we achieve it. This is when the difference in short-term and long-term memory becomes apparent.

Short-term memory is retrieved sequentially which means that you will remember things in the order which they happened. Long-term memory is retrieved by association which means that objects or places will trigger the memories. If we can’t remember something, it is because we are unable to retrieve the information.

Memory experiments have shown that a simple way to improve your memory is organisation. It is thought, that if we organise things alphabetically, by size or by time, we are more likely to remember them because it is already pre-organised and easier for our brains interpret.

So next time you have something important to remember, either associate it with a place or organise it better!

MrsSugg xxx



We’re always being told by people not to stress, but why? Well, new psychological studies shows that when we stress, the brain makes your body release hormones, which could, in fact, influence the development of cancerous cells.

However, this is only theoretical. A 2013 study did not succeed in proving the claim. Although, it did succeed in proving that once a person has cancer, stress will biochemically feed its growth. Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre studied the results of stress on prostate cancer. Their results showed that stress did not only reduce the effectiveness of prostate cancer drugs but also accelerate the development of the cancer. They discovered that, when stressed, a hormone called epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) is released and this is what sets off the cellular chain reaction that controls cell death.

So how does this affect us? Well, if stress can affect something like this, surely it can affect other things as well. We should all do things to remain as stress free as possible. Some things you can do to remain stress free are:

  • do regular exercise
  • deep breathing
  • take time out just to relax
  • go for walks
  • don’t drink or smoke
  • take up hobbies
  • be organised
  • aromatherapy
  • take a bath

These are just some very simple things that can make a big impact on our lives and we should just try to do these things more often.

MrsSugg xxx