So I have been thinking recently, are friends that important. I mean, yeah, of course they’re important but how important?

I don’t have the best of luck with friends. We fall out, we fight and somehow, it always seems to be my fault. I don’t always know what it is I do but I do know that I need to change.

Friends mean a lot to everyone. There are always some friends that will stay with you through your whole life and some friends just drift apart. And sometimes, I feel incredibly let out from other people because I don’t have that one stable “best” friend. I have friends and I have close friends and I have my family but what about that one friendship that everyone is supposed to have and everyone is supposed to keep.

I watch a lot of YouTube, and I mean a lot, and I see all of these YouTuber’s with such great friendships and I feel quite envious and jealous. I just want that friendship. I want that one friendship that will be consistent through my entire life; who I can share things with and grow older with.

But are friendships that important, I really don’t have the answer. What do you guys think? Write what you think in the comments and see if we can help each other through problems.

Lots of love,

MrsSugg xxx


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