Music Doodle

In life, when I have found things that go wrong, I have turned to music. It has been as safe place in a sense for me. This is generally because I can listen to music that is basically saying exactly how I feel without actually having to tell anyone. And if I’m not listening to music that is describing the way I feel, sometimes I will do the opposite. If I’m feeling sad I will often listen to happy songs to try and cheer me up.

So many people have many different music tastes. There’s: indie rock, alternative rock, punk, grunge, classical, opera, alternative country, country gospel, techno, garage, electronic, Hip-Hop, rap, Indie, pop, Jazz … the list goes on (find a full list here). Quite often, people are judged by which style of music they like. For example, if someone is into grunge then they are often judged as being an emo. So why do we do this?

Well, people assume that we pick music to like so it will suit our personalities. However, Psychologists at the University of Melbourne have said that it is down to “dissonance”. This is a sense of a lack oh harmony. These psychologists say that when the chords in the music consisted of some pitch-matching errors, we would not recognise the chords (chord familiarity) and would therefore find it nearly impossible to hear the individual notes being played. When this occurred, the chords would sound unpleasant. However, the more we hear a chord, the more familiar we become with it hence forth liking that particular chord and subconsciously listening to music with only chords that we know in.

So, going forward in today, don’t think about the genre of music you’re listening to, try and think about the chords that make up the music and not the lyrics.

MrsSugg xxx


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