Getting Let Down


In life, people will let you down. Even the people you thought were your closest friends. Anyone can let you down and a vast majority of people will let you down. There’s nothing you or anyone else can do to change that. Even you will let someone down at some stage in your life. Whether it’s today, tomorrow, next week or maybe even next year, I guarantee you will let someone down.

So why do we let people down. We don’t mean to. Hell. Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re letting people down. The only thing we can do is hope that were not. If you do you can’t change what you’ve done but you can change the outcome. You can leave things to get worse and worse by not owning up to your mistakes or you can make them better by facing them and learning from them.

I can’t tell you that it won’t hurt if people let you down. That would be a lie. I mean, it would be awesome if getting hurt didn’t cause pain but it does so we have to deal with it. But the best way that you can get past a pain like this is simple. Forgive the person for their mistakes and learn from their mistakes. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make in your life. It may even bring you closer as friends or in some situations more than friends.

So basically, what I’m saying is that I want you to find the good in situations. It may take some digging but it’s there somewhere.

MrsSugg xxx


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