Bucket Lists


At some point in your life, you may write a bucket list. this is a list of things thats you want to do before you die. On mine, for example, there is small things like “go for a week without any technology” or “have a 24+ hour movie marathon” but there is also big things like “see the seven wonders of the world” or “watch the sunrise and sunset in one day with someone I love”. These are all things that I want to happen in my life, things I will strive for.

Bucket lists, I find are a very good way of planning your life. They make your life a bit more exciting. If you didn’t have the bucket list, it would be all boring. All work and no play. You’ve got to allow some time to do the fun stuff. I think that writing these sorts of lists whilst your young is the smartest thing to do. This is because you have the biggest dreams, the biggest aspirations as to what you want to do in life whilst you’re young. Once you get older, you start thinking more practically and forget that you once had dreams.

So my challenge to you is to write a bucket list, keep it in a safe place and complete it throughout your life. You may not get another chance.

Live while you are young.

MrsSugg xxx


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